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Sorting with a capital 'S'

In the category of 'small and medium-sized enterprises', the Limburg Export Prize goes to Hasselt, more specifically Optimum Sorting. The Kuringen-based company specialises in developing, building and installing optical sorting machines. It provides customised solutions to international customers operating mainly in the food industry. It focuses 100% on exports and operates in 40 countries. 80% of its products go outside the EU. Since its inception in 2017, the company can boast a strong track record of explosive growth with a global impact. Through a hybrid approach of strategic investments abroad, thorough market research and smooth cooperation with local agents on the ground, Optimum Sorting tries to remain as innovative as possible in terms of service, technology and customer contact.

The company also focuses on recycling applications in function of sustainability, thus responding to a market that is growing rapidly due to the growing world population and the related demand for more high-quality and reliable food with a minimum of waste. The company has 85 employees across five locations worldwide. It also shows a strong focus on research & development as well as risk diversification.

With a consolidated turnover forecast of EUR 24 million this year, of which EUR 7 million in 2021, Optimum Sorting shows an approach that pays off. With the ambition of doubling turnover by 2026 and expanding its workforce to 155 employees, 100 of whom are in Flanders, this Limburg-based exporter looks more than ready to take on future challenges.

"With Globachem and Optimum Sorting, we have two fine winners of our Limburg Export Prize. Both have a well-founded export policy and growth plan, driven by the needs of the global market, now and in the future. In the light of various trends in the world, these companies prove that if export goes hand in hand with sustainable entrepreneurship and constantly questioning yourself, this can lead to great successes," Cathérine Dreesen said.