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You are visiting a website of Optimum nv (referred to below as ‘Optimum’), a company formed under Belgian law with its registered office in Hasselt, with company number 0678.567.557. These conditions apply to this website and to your access to and use of it. By visiting and using this website, you confirm your agreement to the conditions of the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you are a registered user of this site, Optimum’s general terms and conditions of sale are binding and take precedence over the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in the event of a conflict. Optimum may amend the conditions of the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and any such changes will apply to your access and use of this website after such change has been made. It is therefore incumbent upon you to consult these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

You confirm and declare that you will use this website with due care and attention and that you are responsible and liable for any use of this website (e.g. to perform any transactions) by you and by anyone using your login details. The information that you transfer to Optimum’s servers (e.g. by email or through the pages of this website) shall not be illegal or unsuitable in any other way for publication. You shall make every reasonable effort to scan and delete viruses or other contaminating or destructive elements before uploading information to Optimum’s servers. This website may contain hyperlinks or third party web pages, or refer to them in another way. Optimum has no control over the content or other features of any external websites or pages and is in no case and in no way liable for their content or characteristics and it cannot provide any guarantees in that respect. Optimum’s insertion of hyperlinks does not in any way constitute an implicit approval of the content of any external websites or web pages and the conditions applicable to it. The current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are not applicable to any other websites. Optimum will make every reasonable effort to ensure that this website is free from viruses and other technical faults and that all personal information that you provide is secure. However, owing to the nature of the Internet and the fact that this is not an encrypted system, there may be circumstances in which errors or omissions occur in the information, viruses or technical defects in this website, as a result of circumstances over which in fairness, Optimum has no control (including but not limited to hacking, editing, contamination or deletion of any part of this website by a third party). Consequently Optimum is unable to provide any guarantees that this website is free from viruses or technical issues and that the personal information that you provide will not be intercepted by third parties.

Optimum will make every reasonable effort in order to ensure that this website is accessible and available 24 hours per day, but this cannot be guaranteed in any way whatsoever. All information on this site shall only be used for information purposes. Optimum will make every reasonable effort to assure that the information on this website is correct on the day of publication. The information provided on this website is provided ‘as is’, without any guarantee regarding its correctness or accuracy. Optimum is in no way responsible or liable if this information is inaccurate or unreliable. Optimum reserves the right to remove/amend/improve/update the content/presentation/accessibility/availability of any page of this website at any time and without the need for any prior written notification.

Optimum or third parties that provide information on this website are the owners of that information and retain all (intellectual) property rights, copyrights, trademark or other rights to the databases accessible via this website and for all material on this site (including but not limited to texts, images, brands and trade names). You are only permitted to download, redistribute or extract a part or all of this website for your own private, non-commercial use. Optimum reserves all rights not explicitly granted. Except for the rights explicitly granted in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, your access to and use of this website does not in any case amount to you being granted any licence or right of use (by implication, exclusion or in any other way) to this website and the items contained in it without the prior written permission of Optimum. For the sake of clarity, it is strictly prohibited to copy/translate/adapt/amend/distribute/commercially exploit part or all of the website in any form or in any way (electronically, mechanically or otherwise) without explicitly being granted rights to that effect. Any infringement of the above may result in a civil or criminal prosecution.

In view of the above, Optimum cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages - direct (including but not limited to technical problems) or indirect (including but not limited to loss of data, profit, turnover, customers) - or loss, regardless of its cause (contractual, non-contractual or otherwise), origin or nature, resulting from or in any way related to:

  • The inaccuracy / unreliability / incompleteness of the information provided on or through this website or the use of such information;
  • The users’ own equipment, the Internet itself, any public telecommunication lines or operator networks;
  • Hacking by a third party resulting in a change in the information on this site or a contamination (e.g. by a virus) or the deletion of all or part of this website;
  • Any delay / loss of data / loss in the transmission between this website and the receiver;
  • The access and use, inability of access and use, or delay in the access and use of this website (including but not limited to the use or inability to use any component of this website for the sale of vehicles);
  • Any action or omission by Optimum or third parties. Optimum’s liability shall in any case be limited or excluded insofar as permitted by applicable law.

Without prejudice to the above, if Optimum is deemed to be liable for any loss or damage resulting from or related in any way to a use of the website or its content, Optimum’s liability shall in no case exceed the amount charged to registered users for using the website.

You shall indemnify Optimum against any claim against Optimum instigated by third parties as a result of your visit to or use of this website.

Optimum will treat all personal information that you provide with the utmost care. Optimum attaches great importance to the trust you have in our company by visiting this website. The current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy relate to the gathering and use of personal details through this website. By visiting and using this website, you signal your consent to the terms of Optimum’s privacy policy. The information obtained via this website and in particular through the registration form will be processed. Optimum is responsible for processing the personal details obtained via this website. The personal details that you submit will be processed in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions (the Act of 8 December 1992 for the protection of personal privacy in relation to data processing, as amended by the Act of 11 December 1998 adopting Directive 95/ 46/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free moment of such data, and its implementation decrees) and included in an electronic file. Optimum uses cookies. Cookies may be considered as data that the Optimum server sends to your browser, which may subsequently be stored on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies enable Optimum to grant returning visitors faster and more efficient access to this website for the purposes of providing returning visitors with a better service. The cookies do not contain any personal information. You can disable the ability to receive cookies in your browser settings. The personal data obtained through this website shall only be used for the following objectives:

  • Customer management: customer administration, managing a bid or vehicle order through this website, deliveries, invoicing of services;
  • In order to inform you about products or services offered by Optimum, for direct marketing and advertising;
  • In order to verify how this website is being used and to obtain information that enables us to optimise this website and to adjust the content to better serve your specific requirements, and to improve our products and services.

Optimum shall not pass on your personal details to third parties without your prior written consent, unless Optimum is obliged to do so by relevant legislation or unless this is necessary for processing a bid / order / purchase through this website. No technological system is entirely foolproof (resistant to hackers, etc.) in relation to providing personal details (by phone or over the Internet). However, Optimum makes every reasonable effort to prevent unauthorised access or improper use or disclosure of your personal details and to minimise the risks concerned. You have a right to view and correct your personal details. You are entitled to object free of charge, without giving any reasons, to your details being processed for direct marketing purposes. If the personal details concerned are inaccurate, incomplete, not or no longer relevant, you may ask for them to be corrected or deleted free of charge or you may object to the data being processed. You may address your objection or request to view, correct or delete your data to our information service. Should you have any questions about these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Optimum remains at your disposal. You may contact us on

​The current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are solely governed by Belgian law and the Sub-District Courts of Hasselt have exclusive competence.