Warm water shrimps sorting machine

Optical sorting leads to class A shrimp, which increases consumer satisfaction and factories yield.


Depending on the width and the application, it’s equipped with 3, 6 or 9 advanced high-resolution cameras for optimum defect detection which in combination with the high pitched ejectors result in an excellent good-to-bad ratio in the reject stream. Using the optional laser sensors (up to 8 laser signals) you can increase its defect detection and sorting accuracy even further.

But that’s not all: the FOCUS may be expanded with a unique camera configuration, specially developed for the sorting of french fries. The additional cameras are arranged in such a way that five of the six sides of each french fry are always shown perpendicularly. And thanks to smart use of IR lighting underneath the product flow, the measurements are not disturbed by possible discoloration or debris on the conveyor belt.
​The result: a significant improvement in your sorting efficiency of the accepted products and better good-product-to-bad-product ratio in the reject stream.

  • widest optical belt sorter
  • unique camera configuration for french fries, carrot cubes or other root vegetables
  • sorting on the basis of color, shape and structure
  • 3R laser class

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