The NEXUS is an optical sorter especially developed for sorting products with miscellaneous optical defects.  Discoloration, shape deviations and undesirable constituents are detected in the product flow and removed with high precision.  The NEXUS can be used for candy and sweets, dried or frozen potato, vegetable and fruit products. Use of the NEXUS will lead to quality improvement of your final product, but also to lower and more predictable production costs.  The NEXUS is available in a scan width 1200mm.

Field of Applications

The NEXUS is an optical sorter especially developed to sort products with various optical de ciencies. At the product flow discoloration, deformation and foreign objects are detected and removed accurately. The NEXUS can be used for confectionary, dried or frozen potato, vegetable or fruit product.

Features & benefits

The NEXUS is an optical sorting machine specially developed for sorting products with miscellaneous optical defects. Discolorations, shape deviations and undesirable constituents are detected in the product flow and removed with high precision. The use of NEXUS not only leads to a higher quality of your end product, but also to lower and more predictable production costs.
The NEXUS has an innovative, controlled product feed, which is able to adapt to the size of your product. A feed belt ensures that the products reach the inspection and ejection area at the same speed. This controlled product supply and internal resorting stream increase the certainty with which good and bad products are detected and ejected. You see this reflected in the quality of your good product and the optimal good-to-bad ratio.
​The modular construction of the NEXUS makes it possible to select from the perfect combination of camera, light and other techniques for the best sorting results.

  • compact freefall sorter
  • advanced cameras
  • internal resorting stream (DRS)
  • sorting on the basis of colour, shape and structure
  • low maintenance
  • extremely user-friendly operation
  • durable LED lighting
  • smart algorithms
  • excellent good-to-bad ratio
  • 24/7 (remote) service
  • fast product switching

Data sheet

  • Standard Standard
  • Option Option
  • Not available Not available
Type   1200
Machine type   Free Fall Sorter
Inspection width   1200 mm
Network   Ethernet
Camera Monochrome, RGB, iRGB Standaard
  InGaAs Optie
Laser IR,SWIR, VIS, Fluo
Camera configurations 5/6 configuration
Front/rear-configuration Standaard
Lighting Hi frequency fluorescense tubes
  LED (white) Standaard
  LED (UV)
  LED (IR) Standaard
Sorting modes TwoWay Standaard
  ThreeWay Optie
Reject valves Pitch 5,25 mm
  Pitch 7,5 mm Optie (160)
  Pitch 10 mm 120
Reject flippers Pitch 40 mm
Noise level   80 - 100 dB(A)
Noise reduction kit   Optie
Electrical supply Voltage 400 Vac
  Phases 3F+N + Earth
  Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  Power 7,5 kW
Water supply Quality Chiller, closed circuit with Glycol
  Average consumption n.a.
  Temperature 20°C
  Pressure 1-3 bar
  Connection n.a.
Compressed air Quality ISO norm 8573-1:2010
  Class 1.4.2 Norm
  Filter 0,1 µ - Dry
  Air connection 1,5"
  Incomming pressure 6-8 bar
  Average consumption  1.25 L/part
Frame Material Stainless steel 304 
  Protection class IP55
  Dimensions See drawing
Cooling Air-to-air airco
  Water-to-air airco
  Split airco unit
  Chiller Standaard
  Heat exchanger Standaard
Infeed shaker Flatbed Optie
  High speed
  Laned Standaard
Reject shaker Conveyor belt Optie
  Shaker Standaard
Accept shaker Conveyor belt Optie
  Shaker Standaard

Mentioned consumption values may differ depending on the application


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