VENTUS free-fall laser sorter wins gold!

The first edition of Alina, the trade fair for the food industry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, was held from 24 to 26 September in Bordeaux, the capital of the region in the south-west of France, where the food industry is the main employer.

The event welcomed more than 200 French and international exhibitors, with Optimum Sorting demonstrating its latest product: the VENTUS.
​This free-fall sorter uses laser detection only – single-sided or double-sided. Thanks to the combination of different lasers with specific wavelengths, the VENTUS is able to sort extremely accurately according to colour, shape, structure and biological characteristics. What’s more, the various laser signals are processed simultaneously by Optimum Sorting’s Multi Dimensional Laser System, resulting in more accurate detection of foreign bodies and product defects and reducing the risk of erroneous rejections. With an impressive laser scanning speed of up to 4000 scans per second, the VENTUS offers the highest resolution of any laser sorter on the market. While it is specifically designed to sort nuts and dried fruit, the VENTUS is also ideal for frozen vegetables, berries and other small products.

Prizes for the best innovations were presented to the fair’s participants, with the VENTUS taking top honours in the equipment and processes category. CEO Steve Raskin feels the award is a confirmation of Optimum Sorting’s reputation as an innovator and an acknowledgement of the efforts of the team involved. “The judges chose the VENTUS as the winner because it is such an incredibly innovative machine. When we were developing this sorter, we paid particular attention not only to its performance, i.e. minimising false rejections, but also to hygiene and user-friendliness.”

Since its launch last year, the VENTUS has more than proved its worth: it is already being successfully used by about fifteen food processors in Europe and America.