For the OPTIMUM sorting of spodumene, we would like present the VENTUS.


UV laser sorting is truly unique in that it can SELECTIVELY recover spodumene from host pegmatites, exploiting the unique properties of the target mineral, i.e., the unique UV fluorescence of spodumene crystal lattice impurities. No other sorting currently available on the market can achieve this. Often other technologies sort on a "proxy mineral" to recover Lithium minerals, but what if that proxy mineral isn't evenly spread throughout the resource?

The economic implications of this technology for the Lithium industry is groundbreaking! By feeding a coarsely liberated 1.5%Li2O RoM , it is possible to produce a high-grade spodumene concentrate (>SC3), DRY!

UV sorting could be used as preconcentration step ahead of DMS, for example....a "Rougher-Cleaner" type flowsheet.


The uniquely patented UV laser technology allows for direct spodumene detection. In combination with an AI driven interface, settings can be tweaked in such a way that you can sort on spodumene content percentage of each sample that passes through the sorter, directly resulting in the required results at the end of the line, whether you’re purely looking for a waste sort, a low + high grade sort or purely high grade sort.


Unmatched recognition/discrimination of spodumene (whether whie, light green, dark green, translucent,…) from waste ore such as:

  • Quartz
  • Basalt
  • And many more

Onze machines

The VENTUS may be equipped with up to 16 lasers (and 32 laser detectors). With an impressive laser scanning speed of more than 4000 scans per second, it offers the highest resolution of all laser sorters on the market. In addition, all different laser signals are processed simultaneously by our Multi-Dimensional Laser System (MDL) system, which outperforms all other systems.

In order to get an excellent good-to-bad ratio even for the smallest or biggest products, you can equip it with a high-resolution valve system: ultra-fast and small blowing jets with a center-to-center distance of 4.6 mm up to 10mm depending on fraction sizes.


  • widest double-sided free-fall laser sorter
  • robust, advanced lasers
  • excellent good-to-bad ratio
  • sorting on the unique ore characteristics
  • superior resolution
  • advanced sorting software using AI and direct visualization of the actual targeted ore
  • optimal flexibility and integration options
  • open design for easy access (cleaning)
  • Practically no moving parts resulting in highest uptime in dusty, harsh environments
  • Stainless steel construction (no corrosion)
  • fast product switching
  • 24/7 (remote) service

Meer weten over de VENTUS

Lithium Flowsheet

Have you wondered how we go about determining whether sorting has potential application in your Lithium flowsheet? This is our due diligence and test work process for evaluating whether you can produce a high-grade Spodumene product, using only dry, coarse beneficiation (+10mm) using UV sorting.
Check out the test work pics...we've been achieving outstanding results on our newly commissioned UV 2.0 sorter!

  1. Firstly, we determine INTRINSIC SORTABILITY via coarse liberation analysis to establish mineralogy and Lithium grade by particle size fraction.
  2. We then determine IDEAL SORTABILITY. There are a few phases in this step: ➡ Hand sorting of the material with a UV torch of specific wave length. Product particles are fully liberated and fluorescent. This is similar to HLS (DMS) test work providing the best separation efficiency possible. ➡ Static scans on the UV sorter in the lab for calibration. ➡ Mini-dynamic sort to optimise the setup.
  3. To start the process of determining the INDUSTRIAL SORTABILITY, we waste / product sort a bulk sample.
  4. To truly identify the performance parameters, as input to your full scale plant, we run an onsite pilot plant. This is the final phase of determining Industrial Sortability.


STARK and Optimum have joined forces and our objectives are clear: We will leverage our collective expertise, with decades of experience in the sensor based sorting field, to drive innovation and promote sustainable growth in the mining sector. Our primary focus will be on the integration of fast and intelligent sensor-based sorting and smart technology plants for commodities like Lithium, Battery Transition Metals, and industrial minerals.

Who is Stark?

Stark is a privately owned global multi-disciplined engineering solutions company, providing value-based turn-key solutions and professional engineering expertise within the mining sector. STARK's solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies to bridge the gap between the past and the future in the mining sector. They are a leading integrator of modular sensor-based sorting plants. 

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