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Sensor-based ore sorting technology involves using sensors to detect the mineral content of each piece of ore and sorting it based on its composition, making mines more profitable. Sensor based ore sorting provides a means of increasing processing efficiency and reducing tailings by diverting sub-economic material. The early removal of mined material that cannot be processed economically avoids unnecessary grinding and flotation and hence saves on electricity, reagents, water consumption and the overall carbon footprint. The crushing and grinding of ores consumes around 60% of a mine’s operating and energy costs, while also adding to greenhouse gas emissions. The sensor integration allows the mines to reduce the waste produced, cutting their waste disposal, saving water by up to 30% and consuming less energy to process the ore.

With increasing governmental compliance criteria and accountability of miners to environmental groups, the use of sensors can help mines create a circular economy of natural resources while addressing of their environmental impact.

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Onze machines

The VENTUS may be equipped with up to 16 lasers (and 32 laser detectors). With an impressive laser scanning speed of more than 4000 scans per second, it offers the highest resolution of all laser sorters on the market. In addition, all different laser signals are processed simultaneously by our Multi-Dimensional Laser System (MDL) system, which outperforms all other systems.

In order to get an excellent good-to-bad ratio even for the smallest or biggest products, you can equip it with a high-resolution valve system: ultra-fast and small blowing jets with a center-to-center distance of 4.6 mm up to 10mm depending on fraction sizes.


  • widest double-sided free-fall laser sorter
  • robust, advanced lasers
  • excellent good-to-bad ratio
  • sorting on the unique ore characteristics
  • superior resolution
  • advanced sorting software using AI and direct visualization of the actual targeted ore
  • optimal flexibility and integration options
  • open design for easy access (cleaning)
  • Practically no moving parts resulting in highest uptime in dusty, harsh environments
  • Stainless steel construction (no corrosion)
  • fast product switching
  • 24/7 (remote) service

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Optimale sortering


Most image processing algorithms reduce the number of input signals (whether from laser or camera) into 2-dimensional plots. This may result in the loss of valuable information. Our powerful multi-dimensional image processing interprets all signals simultaneously, resulting in a more accurate discrimination of good product versus waste with lowest levels false detections.


Accurate defect detection is pointless without an equally accurate ejection system. The distance between our air ducts, centre-to-centre varies from 4,5 to 7.5 mm or even 10 mm depending on fraction sizes.


Why not use the data recorded by our optical sensors to adjust your sorting process where necessary? An optional module keeps track of the sorters detection history on the product classes that have been taught.

Uitzonderlijke gebruiksvriendelijkheid


Setting acceptance thresholds is often time-consuming and complex. This is not the case with Optimum Sorting systems. Your operators no longer have to work with graphs or formulae themselves. Our machines can easily be calibrated by selecting images of desired product versus waste.


Thanks to the CUMULUS sorting platform with Artificial Intelligence, operating our sorting machines is child's play. Your operators see all relevant information at a glance.


If you want to operate your sorting machines centrally, then no problem! Our solutions are easily integrated into your network, so that your operators and supervisors can keep an eye on things from any network computer.

Superieur design en performantie

Optimum Sorting systems are made from stainless steel and all components to be cleaned are easily accessible. Corrosion issues are hence eliminated and cleaning costs you hardly any time and effort.

Our machines are running on patented direct ore sorting technology improving target grades drastically. Furthermore, they excel in stability, which means that your sorting process requires virtually no manual intervention. You can switch from one product to another or from one specification to another with just one press of a button.

And finally, their sturdy construction offers you a maximum uptime with minimum maintenance even in the harshest operation conditions.


STARK and Optimum have joined forces and our objectives are clear: We will leverage our collective expertise, with decades of experience in the sensor based sorting field, to drive innovation and promote sustainable growth in the mining sector. Our primary focus will be on the integration of fast and intelligent sensor-based sorting and smart technology plants for commodities like Lithium, Battery Transition Metals, and industrial minerals.

Who is Stark?

Stark is a privately owned global multi-disciplined engineering solutions company, providing value-based turn-key solutions and professional engineering expertise within the mining sector. STARK's solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies to bridge the gap between the past and the future in the mining sector. They are a leading integrator of modular sensor-based sorting plants. 

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