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The increasing demand for high protein foods for both human consumption and pet food, puts stress on current insect farmers and the processes used. As legislation is slowly taking shape, the requirements on product safety and quality will become more and more stringent. As a result, most of the existing processes will require a transition into more automized and efficient, high capacity and yield, consistent quality output processing lines to cope with this increasing demand.

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De NOVUS is beschikbaar in verschillende afmetingen. Met zijn maximale scanbreedte van 2400 mm is hij de breedste optische bandsorteerder op de markt. De NOVUS kan worden ingezet voor vele verschillende toepassingen: verse, gedroogde of bevroren aardappelproducten, groenten en fruit, schaal- en schelpdieren, snoepgoed en noten.

  • breedste optische bandsorteerder
  • uitstekende goed/slecht verhouding
  • unieke drie-in-een-combinatie van camera-, laser- en metaaldetectie
  • sortering op basis van kleur, vorm, structuur, en biologische en magnetische eigenschappen
  • superieure resolutie
  • geavanceerde sorteersoftware met AI
  • optimale flexibiliteit en integratiemogelijkheden
  • uitmuntende hygiène
  • snelle productomschakeling
  • 24/7 (remote) service

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Optimum Sorting


Most image processing algorithms reduce the number of input signals (whether from laser or camera) into 2-dimensional plots. This may result in the loss of valuable information. Our powerful multi-dimensional image processing interprets all signals simultaneously, resulting in a more accurate discrimination of good product versus waste with lowest levels false detections.


Accurate defect detection is pointless without an equally accurate ejection system. The distance between our air ducts, centre-to-centre varies from 4,5 to 7.5 mm or even 10 mm depending on fraction sizes.


Why not use the data recorded by our optical sensors to adjust your sorting process where necessary? An optional module keeps track of the sorters detection history on the product classes that have been taught.

Exceptional user-friendliness


Setting acceptance thresholds is often time-consuming and complex. This is not the case with Optimum Sorting systems. Your operators no longer have to work with graphs or formulae themselves. Our machines can easily be calibrated by selecting images of desired product versus waste.


Thanks to the CUMULUS sorting platform with Artificial Intelligence, operating our sorting machines is child's play. Your operators see all relevant information at a glance.


If you want to operate your sorting machines centrally, then no problem! Our solutions are easily integrated into your network, so that your operators and supervisors can keep an eye on things from any network computer.

Superior design and efficiency

Optimum Sorting systems are made from stainless steel and all components to be cleaned are easily accessible. Corrosion issues are hence eliminated and cleaning costs you hardly any time and effort.

Our machines are running on patented direct ore sorting technology improving target grades drastically. Furthermore, they excel in stability, which means that your sorting process requires virtually no manual intervention. You can switch from one product to another or from one specification to another with just one press of a button.

And finally, their sturdy construction offers you a maximum uptime with minimum maintenance even in the harshest operation conditions.


VDL Insect systems, business unit of the foodtech cluster of VDL Groep, contributes in making the feed and food sector more sustainable through the development of standard smart solutions and systems for insect production. Insect growers can be enabled to produce competitively against classic protein sources as they offer the technology and equipment to solve their production challenges. VDL brings biology, physics, high-tech knowledge and craftsmanship together in smart and reliable solutions. Based on their versatile and modular approach, they provide solutions for different production phases and factory capacity sizes. They also serve the industry with custom engineering and manufacturing.