West Flemish reinforcement for Optimum Sorting: Luc Delobelle

With his 30 years of experience in the sale and implementation of optical sorting solutions, Luc Delobelle is now strengthening Optimum Sorting's sales team.

He started his career at Elbicon and was there for almost 8 years, thus acquiring knowledge and experience in the field of optical sorting. Luc then went on to work as an independent sales agent at BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology). After stopping in 2017, he was ready for a new challenge.

In his search for a young company with an efficient structure, where the customer comes first, Luc enthusiastically joins the Optimum Sorting team. He wants to contribute to reliable and efficient electronic sorting solutions for the global food industry. There is no doubt that with his decades of experience, Luc is a valuable partner who will be able to contribute a lot to the company.

View Luc's full profile at linkedin.com/in/luc-delobelle-1417527a