Our VENTUS in the freezer

At Optimum Sorting we believe that constant testing and research, is the clue to a better sorting solution for our customers. So during the hot summer months, our VENTUS made its way to cooler resorts and did some further tests on IQF Fruit / vegetables, at -18°C.


Of course, We have always been sure about the excellent quality of our machines, and these tests have given us the further assurance and proof that we are a valuable asset in your production line. With optical lasers, small bits of frozen fruit and vegetables are sorted automatically at high yield and accuracy. Automated removal of foreign matter, stems and product defects in a harsh environment required some adaptation to staff and equipment, and with great results. Due to Covid 19, it isn’t easy to come and visit us to see your product getting tested on one of our machines. That is why Optimum Sorting has created the “Virtual Demo”, so you can see the benefits of an Optimum sorting, in the safe environment of your own home or office.

Do you want to learn more about all kinds of optical sorting, don’t hesitate to contact us.