FOCUS extended with laser option

Even more accurate sorting!

The FOCUS is standardly equipped with 4, 6 or 9 advanced high-resolution cameras for optimum defect detection and an excellent good-to-bad ratio.

Thanks to the optional laser sensors, you can further increase its sorting accuracy.

  • Because lasers sort by structure (hard versus soft), they are ideally suited for detecting foreign objects, such as wood, plastic, stone, glass and metal.
  • Special fluorescent lasers accurately detect green coloring (solanine) of potatoes and carrots. They also find chlorophyll, so for sorting green vegetables they are also a plus: ‘healthy’ green vegetables have a high chlorophyll content, ‘unhealthy' green vegetables and foreign objects don’t.
  • The right combination of lasers even detects sugared points ('sugar ends') that are almost invisible on raw French fries, but which turn dark brown after finish-frying.

The FOCUS can be expanded with up to 8 laser signals that are processed multispectrally.