Optimum takes customer support to the next level

The coronavirus pandemic has changed almost everything, except our commitment to optimal customer support. That’s why we are taking our remote service to the next level, so you can continue to count on us.

One number for all your questions

Your sorter features remote access, enabling us to ensure 24/7 remote service, and our technical staff can still be reached at the usual telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
And now there is more: Optimum Live Chat brings all of our technical experts to your fingertips. It is as easy as WhatsApp or WeChat. All you have to do is send a simple message using your smartphone. This will open a live chat session, which is a great alternative to voice calls when you are in a noisy production environment, e.g. standing next to your sorter. Your maintenance crew can send us pictures and videos, even while they are busy working, speeding up the question & answer process significantly. Just get in touch and leave the rest to us: we make sure your questions are directed to the right experts, while keeping our entire team in the loop.

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Hands-on technical support

When remote assistance and Live Chat are not enough, there is Optimum Pilot Assist.
Once you have downloaded this free app on your smartphone, you can enjoy hands-on technical support from our experts, brought to you by augmented reality. Simply point the camera of your phone to the suspected problem area of your sorter. Feedback and instructions to fix the issue will then be shown as an overlay on the image on your phone display, telling you which button to press, which setting to change or which bolt to tighten. If you are using a headset, you can also have a voice conversation with one of our experts at the same time.


Live demonstrations

Would you like to get a real-life, live demonstration of one of our sorters, operating on your own products with the defects typical of your product stream? Despite the current social distancing measures and travel restrictions, this can still be arranged!
​During an Optimum 360° Reality demo, one of our sales engineers will talk you through the demonstration while an application engineer will actually operate the machine. You can interact live with both of them as if you were on site at our facilities, but from a safe distance, i.e. from the comfort of your home or office.
How do we do this? During the entire demonstration, our sales engineer will wear our special 360° Reality glasses, which are equipped with a camera system and an audio intercom. You will see exactly what he sees. He will be your eyes and ears, and your hands and feet. You can tell him where to look, what to touch and what to show in the demo. Using the second camera on the glasses you can even zoom in on the smallest details.
If you want, the whole session is recorded for future reference. And at the end, we will produce a complete test report, including pictures, videos and all the data from the trial, just as always.
Ask for an Optimum 360° Reality demo 

In the meantime, we hope that you and yours stay safe and we look forward to meeting you again soon, in good health.


Paul Berghmans